Your Purposeful Passion Is Your Best Sales Partner

What do you think happens to you when you are living your purpose and feeling passionate it?

Let’s break this up into several parts just for our discussion – let’s talk about what happens to you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

When you are living your purpose and being on fire with passion, you know it. You feel it in your soul and you feel this unlimited source of energy that runs through you. You feel so aligned with your soul and with spirit. You just feel that nothing can get you down, no matter what happens in your physical world. You just feel on top of the world and in awe of your Creator and the Universe. And this passion and fire that you experience inside of you cannot be bought. No matter how much you may offer to buy it from someone else, you can never attain it until you go through the process yourself.

Then what happens to your emotionally and mentally? Well, the most obvious thing is your mind opens up and you start to see opportunities presented to you, you see opportunities everywhere and you have the ability to see things only from the brighter or more optimistic point of view. Nothing gets you down for long. You are aware that there are up days and down days, but you do not stay down for long because the fire and passion inside you are able to pull you back up quickly.

Emotionally you feel upbeat and at peace, mostly at a point of stability with wonderful spurts of happiness and joy. This happens not just within your service work scope but in other areas of your life too. Sometimes events in other aspects of your life may be seemingly out of your control eg. computer breaking down when you have a deadline to meet, yet you are still able to remain positive and you see solutions quickly.

What about physically? What happens to you physically? You will physically exude passion and fire as you move and speak. When others look at you, they see that you have clarity and a clear purpose and you speak your truth with passion.

Of course, care of the physical body is important. Having this fire and passion doesn’t mean your physical body can go on and on like a dynamo. When you give your physical body balanced care, it will be your partner in expressing your passion and be on fire with you allowing you to be of greater service to others.

With all of the above happening in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, you can be certain that you have a powerful sales partner packaged within you. Just by being who you are in an authentic way, aligned with your soul’s purpose, you will naturally become a great sales person. You promote your purpose with passion because you know that you have been put on earth for a special reason to change people’s lives in big or small ways, through products or services, through your own unique way.

Make your purposeful passion your sales partner, because your soul aligned communication makes the best sales force.