You Say You Want To Live Your Purposeful Life But You Are Procrastinating. Why?

5tniytqs68e-lechon-kirbThe age old problem that we all seem to have and can’t get rid of is….. — the Art Of Procrastination. Tada!

Why does it always happen to the best of us? Who invented it anyway! I think Procrastination is the oldest art form of delaying success or failure in the history of the human race.

How many of us check our emails or go on facebook just to avoid doing what we are supposed to be doing? I bet many of you will raise your hands now if we were in a classroom asking this question.

I have met countless people who say they want to live more purposeful lives, yet they delay the process all the time. There is always one reason or another as to why it cannot be done. And these reasons feel very real for them. Why is this so?

I think the biggest issue we all have to deal with when it comes to procrastinating is that we have become very good liars. Pardon me for being blunt, but I think this is what is really happening when we procrastinate.

We lie to ourselves saying we will do it better tomorrow, or that we perform better under pressure, or that the circumstances is not supportive and that a better environment would get us going. So we tell ourselves these lies to feel better about procrastinating.

Obviously feeling comfortable with procrastinating only makes the problem bigger. In time, not only do we lose self confidence but guilt and high levels of stress also set in.

When these negative feelings set in, the reasons for needing to procrastinate then feel so real that there seems to be no other way but to further delay action. Furthermore, procrastinating is energy draining especially on the psychic and emotional levels. And it can render us powerless

Unfortunately, there is no pill to cure procrastination. It would make someone very rich if there was. And even more unfortunately to step out of procrastination requires the person to do the stepping out themselves. No one can do it for them, not even a coach or a teacher can do it for them.

Sometimes we think that it is because we have bad time management issues, or the lack of proper planning that is causing us to procrastinate. But procrastinators are actually quite capable of being successful in whatever they do, if they want to. So perhaps it is a fight between wanting to live a purposeful life badly enough versus just living?

But I truly believe deep down that living a more purposeful life is something that most people want to strive for. Every day not living life purposefully prolongs and deepens the sense of restlessness and the lack of inner peace and soul connection.

The lack of soul connection is more painful than not taking action. And this is something that we all have to keep in mind if we truly want to live more purposeful lives and to be of service in the world.

© Shamala Tan

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