Why Jogging Makes You Fat

poster octOn 28 Oct, there’s a talk in Singapore and workshop by my colleagues and we have some interesting topics for you! They are:

1. Why jogging makes you fat! Learn from Satyish Kumar our fitness trainer what are some of the common fitness misconceptions that may be preventing you from achieving your fitness level.
2. Dr Carene will share how TCM can help you if you are struggling with a stiff neck or numbness in your limbs when you wake up every morning.

To register, please visit: http://bitly.com/wellnessclass or email: info@shamalatan.com

• Date: 28 Oct • Time: 7pm • Venue: Fu Yang Tang TCM Clinic, 30 Upper Cross Street Singapore (Nearest MRT Station, Chinatown) • Fee: $10 (includes $25 worth of door gifts and light refreshments)