When People Do Not Care Enough

It is easy to judge other people when we perceive them as not caring enough. In our perspective, we think they do not care. In their perspective, maybe they feel that by caring more than they have done, they would be doing us a dis-favour, because it might just cripple our own abilities.

So showing care for someone could be a tricky business.

You might be a teacher, a coach, a healer, a parent, a child…showing care is expected of you. And if you do not show the level of care as expected by the people around you, you would be judged. The level of care and concern is also pretty subjective. Your teenager might think you are coddling her, while your six year old might feel neglected.

There is so much truth in this saying, “You cannot please all of the people all of the time”. Or in the quote by Ed Sheeran: “I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”

While we could say that we could not please everyone all of the time, we must also be careful not to shirk responsibilities.

Looking at this idea of showing care from an environmental, social or planetary perspective, I think we certainly could do better.

There are certain absolutes (though I am sure there would be people who disagree with me here) such as cruelty to people, animals. Or damaging of environment. Or greedy exploitation of resources. I think most people would be able to agree on where we might have crossed the line in certain practices. I mean, cruelty is cruelty. We cannot say that pain inflicted on another being, is actually good for the being. Or using the excuse that, oh it is the person’s karma to suffer such.

Neither can we say that cruelty to one, is pleasure to another? So let’s take an extreme example of the bullfighting ‘sport’. Some say it is cruel, others say it is just a sport – but this does not discount the fact that no matter how people see it, pain is undoubtedly being inflicted on the bull.

Whether it is bull fighting, cutting down rain forests, trapping and killing dolphins in the cove, we as human beings must care enough to research, learn and understand in order to take the right action.

I believe that when people do not have enough information they would not care. But if they cared enough, they would obtain more information.

Let me share a personal view on something: I find it both sad and amusing to see people advocating on social media about how they are such animal lovers, yet at the same time, they would not hesitate posting pictures of the steak they had for dinner. To me, there is a BIG CONFLICT there. If one’s lifestyle is such that one has to have animal protein in their diet, then do not go around advertising that one is an animal lover. Or else, it is easy to think that one is saying that one is an animal meat lover!

Perhaps I am narrow minded in this matter. But what I am saying is people should care enough to know how that piece of meat got onto their plate! Showing care for one’s pets do not automatically make one an animal lover. I have more respect for people who without shame show that they are big animal meat lovers without pretending to be animals lovers.

Another argument for this, that might come from some of you would be, it is better for them to be animal lovers than not at all. Ok, fine I can accept that. My point is people must care enough to get more information, to learn, to understand how social, environmental, and animal rights concern us all. I am not perfect in this either, I might have presented conflicting views about life, my choices and so on. But I could safely say that my ‘saving grace’ is showing enough care to research, to learn and make another decision.

When people care enough, they would make different choices. And more often than not, they would be better choices.