What We Consume Affects How We Are, And What We Express Affects What We Attract

we consumeI am pretty sure anyone reading this is already familiar with the concept of the law of attraction. Most of us know that our thoughts and feelings determine what we attract in our lives.

While we know this, it is also easy to forget how this works in real life every single day, especially when we are faced with challenges such as work pressure, relationship challenges with family or friends, being a care giver to children, spouse and parents or extended families, being responsible to other people around us and so on. And then of course there is the issue of physical tiredness, ill health and perhaps even life threatening diseases that some of us may be struggling with.

Why is it so difficult to maintain some form of sanity in the midst of challenging situations? And why do we sabotage ourselves towards wholeness every time we get some good results?

So to keep things simple, here is a check list of Three to follow to keep things in perspective and hopefully lighten the load, and start repelling what we do not want in life….

1. Before we consume anything, be it for our body, mind, emotions, or soul, ask ourselves, will this make me healthier or less healthy? If it is less healthy, ask again, what is it, how is it, and why is it? And then be prepared for the consequences whatever they may be, without complaining or whining. In other words, be responsible for the effects.

2. Is it necessary to say what is at the tip of my tongue? Is it important to do what I have the urge to do, does it have a higher purpose? And will it change anything for the better? Will it give me the outcome I want for sure? Will it hurt someone else?

3. Do I have a better choice in what I choose to consume? And do I have a better place to express myself on any level of my being, for my own benefit and not at someone else’s expense?

Stay healthy, stay focused on the good and welcome the best.

Loving Vibes 😉


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