What Kind Of Legacy Would You Like To Leave Behind?

s00f6-w_oq8-joshua-earleI am sure all of you agree with me that every single one of us has a divine mission to fulfil.

Fulfilling our divine mission first and foremost is the duty of the soul — to enable the soul to evolve. And in the magic of God’s Universe, whatever is done for the realisation of the Soul benefits not just the Soul but for the collective consciousness of the group. And in this case, the group consciousness of all on earth.

My quest to fulfil missions that my soul directs to me is what motivates me in my work daily. When I first started out as a healer, I was happy just to get one client per month!

Now, I tend to cherry pick my clients because I no longer have a desire to just work with anybody who may not necessarily be as committed as I am to their own healing and path.

I know that this may sound like I am being exclusive but the reality is that I am not really being of service to those who don’t want to healed. Perhaps on the personality level I would like to do whatever I can to help even if the person doesn’t want to help themselves.

But my Soul becomes unfulfilled. And by the end of the session with the client, I feel disconnected and realise that I was doing a dis-service to myself and my purpose.

I believe that for me to blossom as a person, and for my Soul to make itself manifest on earth, I must be true to my mission — that is to serve those who would like to be served.

It would be a bonus if I can fulfil as many missions as possible and to make an impact that that will be beneficial to society for generations to come.

But for now I am happy to simply focus on serving one person at a time and work in a committed partnership with each of them to assist them to fulfil their life’s mission on earth.

© Shamala Tan (First published in 2010)

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