What Happens When We Do Not Say Thank You

Have you ever encountered people in your life where you open yourself freely to them and give them generously and they do not appreciate what you have shared with not even a word of Thanks? I am sure many of you have had this experience. How did you feel when that happened? Were you angry? Resentful? Did you feel used and taken for granted?

I think the first reaction for most people would be resentment, followed by a feeling of a victim of being used.  How did you then combat these negative feelings that you know are unhealthy for you?

I could easily tell you, well, it is their loss, not yours; Don’t sweat over small stuff; When they do not appreciate you and what you give, they are not receiving; and so on. But of course you may still feel angry and resentful and what I have said here does not really help. So the next question I would like to ask you is this:

Why do we get so angry and resentful when other people do not appreciate our generosity?What is it that is making us move out of our peace?

I would like to offer a new perspective on this. I mean, besides the understanding that we have a need to be recognised, a need to control how other people should behave and how we are not exercising our own will — these being the underlying reasons why we get resentful, I would like to offer a different perspective.

I think a part of us, deep down, feels that when a person does not appreciate what we give or say thank you, we feel like they have killed the cycle of abundance for us. This is just a feeling of course and not exactly how it is happening.

When we are in a mood to give, when we are generous we feel an outpouring of energies from us to them, and when the receiving party does not appreciate we feel they have put a block to this outpouring and they have short-circuited the flow. We get angry because we feel they have controlled and stopped our flow.

The thing is, we must remember that WE are in charge of our own abundance flow, not other people and least of all, not people who do not have the capacity to appreciate. When we start to get resentful, in truth we are the ones who have stopped our own abundance flow! We cannot manifest abundance with this state of mind.

In fact, we must say within our hearts to the other party: thank you for showing me that I am still in the flow of my abundance even though you can not/will not be part of it. Thank you for showing me how powerful I am.

So what happens when we do say thank you? We feel our power, and we KNOW our power of abundance. And nothing will block us from receiving what the Universe/God is giving to us.

Your Assignment This Week:

Keep track of everything that happens, positive or perceived negative things. And give thanks for the good fortune and the learning experiences. Remember, when you feel the thanks and gratitude in your heart you are allowing yourself to vibrate these feelings outwards making your whole being a living prayer – a magnet of abundance.

© 2011, 2016 Shamala Tan