Value The Right Opinions From The Right People….

mzx2uowz-o0-luis-llerenaYears ago I had a major financial decision to make, and I was chatting with a friend about it. Her opinion counted a lot to me and I valued her views.

As we got to talking, I got more and more confused about my decision. And I was in so much conflict within myself that I could not concentrate on enjoying the meal with this friend as I was just thinking about this financial decision. When we parted ways after our meal, I thought about everything discussed and decided to write things down to have a clearer picture.

Then, it dawned on me why I got so confused and conflicted — my friend though a good friend and whose views I value on some aspects of life, really doesn’t have any money. And that her opinion about how I should make my financial decision doesn’t really have any value simply because she is no position to advise me! Duh!

I know this seems obvious now. But I believe that time and time again, people fall into this trap. We value the opinions of some people in our lives, but then we forget that they may be good at one thing but not necessarily good at other things. We may place them on pedestals thinking they have the answer to everything.

Having said that, I do think it is easy to fall into this trap when we have a major decision to make, and we need someone’s opinion. But what we are really looking for is some emotional support on tough decisions we have to make. And if we buy into the opinion of anyone willing to offer us their views, we would become more confused. By all means get all the emotional support you can get from friends and family. But seek professional advice if you need to make tough decisions that only experts on the subject can give you.

If anyone offers you any advice on any subject, look at how much they have mastered that subject in their lives you will know immediately if you should take it on board or not. Remember don’t take money advice from a poor person. 🙂

© Shamala Tan (First published in 2012)

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