The Three Spiritual Steps To Better Sales

t1xlqvdqt_4-deniz-altindasLet’s face it, spiritual people are very passionate about what they do. They live, breathe, feel, think what they do. However many frown on evangelizing their work. {Please do not use the word ‘evangelize’ on them and they will think you are trying to christianize them.}

If we look at history, and we will find that the only reason why the traditional religions have been able to last for so long is truly the power of evangelizing.

If the new thought spiritual people in the form of meditation teachers, healers, psychics and so on want to continue their work for the long haul, the same techniques may be needed.

According to the dictionary, the term evangelize means ‘to seek to convert’. As much as new thought spiritual people claim not to convert anyone. The reality is conversion IS necessary in order for people to see the true value of what you do.

The mind has to accept a new form of thinking in order to make a decision. It is easy to say that the people who accept were just open minded. To be open minded means being willing to consider new ideas. And for new ideas to be accepted, a change of thinking is still a necessary process.

So how does one really ‘evangelize’?

The answer is simple. Through building relationships.

Religion is a people business. Spirituality is also a people business. SERVING PEOPLE is a people business.

Being involved with people means it is necessary to network and build relationships.

So the Three Spiritual Steps To Better Sales are:

Build authentic relationships with people
Share from your heart the truth of your what you can offer
Show them the benefits of your offer so you can help them in their process towards physical/wealth/relationship/spiritual empowerment, if wanting help is what they are looking for
We must bear in mind that the three step techniques are ‘farming’ techniques. Which means they do take time to cultivate. However the cultivation would result in long term returning clients who trust you. And this makes for better business sense and sustainability in the long term.

Most importantly, people handling and growing your business bring many wonderful challenges for your spiritual development and growth. And this will enable you to make progress as a spiritual being on earth.

© 2o12, 2016 Shamala Tan