The Problem With Using The Spiritual Path To Escape From Life…

ppBWg1xSauVt53FxDJbmId3TlYQzlkNnC5lQI1WHBn8We hear a lot of stories about people changing their lives dramatically but not necessarily for the good for all concerned, in the name of spirituality. For eg. people who leave their families (including small children) to go with who they believe are their twin souls, or people who leave their jobs without any financial backup thinking they must live a ‘spiritual’ life (read: go with the emotional flow type of life) even though there are mouths to feed and bills to pay.

What is it with using spiritual excuses that people find so appealing?

A lot of the times these ‘spiritual’ excuses appeal a great deal to one’s inner child’s whims and fancies. To most people they think that being in touch with the inner child means being spiritual and that it also means doing whatever the inner child wants.

But would you allow your child to do what your child wants even though you know it is bad for her? There is a time and place to allow the inner child to come out and play. There is also a time and place to discipline your inner child such as when she tells you she wants to drink coke for breakfast.

Unfortunately for many spiritual people they see discipline as a bad thing, and in fact, many feel it is not spiritual to lead a disciplined life.

How else do they think the great spiritual masters achieved their mastery, if not through discipline?

I am not surprised when I meet lay people who are are turned off by spiritual people. They say that these spiritual people who are supposed to be front runners in transforming the world are actually running away from the world and their responsibilities.

I am also not surprised that more and more people who truly want to fulfil their mission are now moving into the mainstream, because they see the value they can share with others who are not yet ‘awakened’. And they also find themselves learning a lot more from life itself by not using spiritual excuses to run away from the challenges.

I have always remembered these words of Master Djwhal Khul, also known as the Tibetan, I am going to paraphrase here: Escaping from life on earth is the one of the fastest way to be reincarnated back on earth.

What this means is there is no escape from our lives on earth. If we do not fulfil them whether it is life’s mission responsibilities, children and family responsibilities, financial responsibilities, we will be back to re-learn the lessons until we get them right.

So twin soul or not, wanting to simply live a “go with the flow” type of life or not, there are responsibilities to fulfil. If the person is truly one’s twin soul/flame, they can wait for the next life time while one fulfils one’s responsibilities in this lifetime.

By all means be as spiritual as you can in mind, body and spirit, but know that there are earthly responsibilities to take care of as well while you are still on earth. And these earthly responsibilities are, needless to say part of one’s spiritual lessons! Only the wise spiritual practitioner understands this.

© 2012, 2015 Shamala Tan