The New Uneducated

Group of business people standing in huddle, smiling, low angle view100 years ago, when we say a person is not educated, we mean that the person has never been to school, and so their understanding as well as book knowledge and perhaps general knowledge is limited.

Now in 2014, we have a new generation of the Uneducated. The generation of uneducated people are not from any particular age group, neither are they of a certain social status, and they do not come from any particular segment of society. In this day and age of the internet, the world is getting smaller, and information is truly at our finger tips.

The uneducated are those who do not care to educate themselves about themselves. Whether it is their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being – this generation of uneducated people care about the least significant things in their lives, and placing much energy and attention to these insignificant things.

Perhaps their focus is on:

  • Outer beauty much more than inner beauty
  • Gathering information rather than utilizing information/wisdom
  • Using things and people to feel good about themselves, rather than using their inner qualities to feel good
  • Focusing on the faults of others, rather than seeing how they can improve on themselves
  • Accumulating the wrong type of wealth for wrong usage (I hesitate to use the word ‘wrong’ here. Who am I to judge? But for the sake of putting my point across, I shall leave the word here so you get what I mean)
  • Listening and following blindly without taking responsibility for self
  • Caring what others might think of them, and lacking in self-care
  • The list goes on….

In the work that I do, I meet so many people who seemingly are educated academically but lack knowledge and wisdom when it comes to self care. They do not know the source of the junk food they are eating. They do not know what is contained in the medication prescribed to them (and the side effects!). They do not know how a certain way of being, speaking, feeling and thinking affects everything about themselves.

We are all works in progress, we are not perfect, so we need every help we can get to become more whole. Starting from the inside out. Yet many are not interested to be educated in these areas of self development. Many care about things that are so insignificant, thus hindering them on so many different levels.

The uneducated are those who will literally be left behind with lack of health, lack of well being, lack of wisdom, lack of energy, lack of wholeness. This is because the uneducated feed their lack.

What are you feeding within yourself? 

To be well on all levels of our being, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we must educate ourselves. Education goes beyond knowing what it is. The application of what we have learned is vital or else we are just as good as being uneducated.

Have you asked where does your food come from? Have you asked what is contained in your household products – things that you have taken for granted? Have you asked yourself what is your true motivation to achieve a certain goal? Have you asked what is the meaning behind the motivation?

Keep asking questions and find the answers for yourself – you can educate yourself. It is the way towards Self Empowerment.




  • Cindy Williams

    Good wake up call. What are we eating ? What are we cleaning our houses with ? Are we judging others all day in our heads rather than focusing on ourselves ?