Spiritual Capital, The Foundation Of Every Business – Some have it, most do not.

Spiritual capital is not something that people talk about much in business, however, it exists. It becomes more powerful when business owners are aware of it.

We can look at spiritual capital in so many different ways but today I would like to focus on the Spirit that drives the motivation of your business.

Spiritual capital is not necessarily about religious beliefs or spiritual practices, it is about the inner strength of the business. Some people use their religious or spiritual beliefs in their business, which is great. But if you do not have a spiritual belief or practice, the spiritual capital has to come from your inner self.

Running your business with your religious or spiritual beliefs as the foundation helps you to maintain integrity. I personally have a strong spiritual foundation in my business. The principles are based on Universal Laws of abundance, giving and receiving, love, compassion, integrity, power, clarity and so on. This has helped me to stay on track and on focus and not lose sight on why I am doing what I do. As we know when success comes and if one is not on track, one can easily let the ego take the success for a spin. But with a strong spiritual capital one will remain in integrity and will not let one’s values be compromised.

I know of some businesses with strong and powerful religious capital and their successes have led them to run multi-million dollar businesses. Very powerful.

If you do not have a religion or a spiritual practice, then your spiritual capital has to come from somewhere deep within you. Your spiritual capital is the compass of your business. Without it you will be lost.

Some businesses have their spiritual capital focused on the area of how they are serving their customers and clients. Very powerful stuff too. There are some businesses that have turned their businesses around from no profit to high profits simply by changing the way they serve their customers and giving their businesses a more human touch.

Here are some questions to help you determine your spiritual capital and how it can help you grow your business.

  • What is the one thing that is inspiring you to become more abundant through your business? What are you using it for? (There are only so many cars and houses you can buy, what else can you use your abundance for?)
  • How do you plan to circulate your success? 
  • Make a list of positive transformation and learning you have experienced through building your business. What kind of person have you become?
  • Read through your list and ask yourself how you can use your experience and learning to inspire others. You could use it to inspire your staff, your family, your friends, other business owners or a charity foundation.

Businesses without spiritual capital can be flat and the lack of depth can repel people.

Have you ever made a decision not to buy from a particular shop because the staff has given you the cold shoulder? Have you been turned off by a company’s products because they use animals to test their products? Have you made a decision never to go back to see a particular doctor because he did not even look you in your eyes or touch you but simply gave you a prescription? Have you ever decided never to eat at a health food restaurant again after you have seen them microwaving your food?

Spiritual capital put in simple terms means integrity expressed in love, kind communication, alignment with right principles, compassion, abundance and service work.

Build your business with your spiritual capital, it is worth investing.

© 2011, 2017 Shamala Tan