Soul Blueprint & Profiling Session

Knowing your Soul Blueprint & Profile helps you to determine the direction to take at every juncture of your inner growth and spiritual development. Your profile also plays a major role in determining how you can live your life with purpose.

This service was traditionally called the Ray Reading which I used to do for many years. With so many changes on the planet, I decided to terminate the Ray Reading Service. However, of late, I have felt called to revamp how I bring this service across to people who might find this useful. So together with how it is presented, I have decided to give it a new name as well.

In this reading, you will know the makeup of your various bodies which include your Soul Body, Personality Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body and Physical Body.

You will learn which Ray energies dominate each bodies, and how it impacts you, and how the rays determine the way your various bodies function and how you respond to them.

You can read and research more about the energies of the Rays through the works of Alice Bailey, or Dr Joshua David Stone.

Here’s a summary of what each of the Ray energies is:

  • The 1st Ray is the Ray of Will, Purpose & Power
  • The 2nd Ray is the Ray of Love & Wisdom
  • The 3rd Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence
  • The 4th Ray is Harmony Through Conflict
  • The 5th Ray is Concrete Knowledge and Science
  • The 6th Ray is Devotion
  • The 7th Ray is Ceremonial Order & Magic

Each of these rays contains with them the higher expressions and lower expressions. And it is important to understand what they are so that we learn to harness the higher expressions and not allow the lower expressions to dominate our consciousness.

How does this session work:

Part 1 – We will connect via skype for 60 mins where a reading of your Soul Blueprint and profile will be given. You will receive a printout of this via email, along with the recording of the skype session.
Part 2 – Another 60 mins of coaching call on your strengths, areas to harness upon and also we will look at potential blindspots, pitfalls, and areas to avoid or focus upon.

The entire session is S$450 (approximately USD330) To book, go here:

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