Re-Blog: Have We Taken Our Gifts For Granted?

Have you ever had people praising you, but because you hear the same good comments and praises so often, you do not really register it deeply anymore? Or that perhaps you have taken it for granted?

Well, I have.

It took my young daughter, Sasha, seven words to make me appreciate this one praise. She said to me: “Mummy you have a very joyous smile.” I think this has got to be one of the most heart warming things someone I care deeply about have said to me.

Since I was a child, everyone would say that I have a beautiful smile. Or that my smile is pretty, cute, angelic and so on. And I think I have kind of gotten used to the idea of these nice words that I no longer hear them anymore.

If someone told me that I have a nice smile, I would say thank you, but it would be forgotten the next second. I am not one to dwell on praises or allow myself to feel inflated, but I think appreciating what has been said to me should be given its time and space.

What Sasha said filled my heart with even more joy, and it made me realise how I have forgotten this gift — to light someone’s day with a simple smile.

Then I started thinking about my other gifts which I have probably taken for granted or hardly noticed anymore. So I made a list.

In this season of giving and joy, it made me reflect on how I can contribute more by using my own gifts. Most importantly, what I am giving myself to acknowledge and to lay claims to these gifts so that I may serve others better.

Do you have a list of gifts? I am sure you do too. Take the time to write your list and then use them well. Do it soon!

I now have some pretty good ideas on how I can be of better service using my gifts, hidden or otherwise.  And One of which is to SMILE more!