Psychic Self Defence Workshop 19 Dec 2015

Have you ever felt defenceless against other people’s negative emotional or mental energies? You feel drained, beaten at times, or even fearful of being around certain people? What is it that is causing you to feel this way…..

This is for you, if you are a counselor, healer, caregiver, front line sales person or you are basically interacting with many people in your life, and you feel just too drained at the end of the day.

In this workshop, you will learn:
• How to identify who and what are energy drainers
• How to protect yourself against negative forces of people and situations
• What are psychic attacks, and have you experienced them?
• Perhaps you are still experiencing them but do not know how to stop them or protect yourself
• How to identify addictive thoughts and emotions
• How to stop addictive thoughts, emotions, and obsessive behaviour
• How to empower yourself so that you are the decider (instead of other people) of what and how you should think, feel and behave.
• What are first, second and third levels of psychic self defense
• The kinds and types of negative energies that counselors, healers and care givers encounter and how to prevent yourself from being affected by them.

This workshop is non-religious and is not aligned with any religious teachings.

Workshop fee: S$200 per pax (Limited to 20 pax, on a first come first served basis only)
Date and time: 19 Dec 2015 10am – 6pm
Venue: To be confirmed

To register, email: to book your seat

About the Facilitator:

Shamala Tan is an expert in the area of Psychic Self Defense, coaching her clients worldwide for the past 16 years. Shamala’s past with addictions has also put her in a position where she has seen and experienced things that were mind blowing and unsuitable for a normal functioning mind. After moving past her addictions, Shamala began her journey as a meditation teacher and counselor and found herself in a position of being constantly vulnerable to other people’s negative energies. Through her own psychological and psychic work, she developed a system to assist herself and her clients to overcome negative energies.
Her emphasis on psychological clarity is the key to all her teachings, coaching and healing work. She studies and enjoys the work of Carl Jung, and is currently working with a Jungian analyst in her own journey.