People You Love Disapprove Of The Changes You Are Making

9rhgovrdrdm-freestocks-orgSometimes in order for you to fulfill your purpose, you may have to make some radical changes in your life that people you love may not approve of.

This can be a difficult situation to be in.

I have met many people who have come to this crossroad time and time again in my coaching programs. Just when they are at the brink of manifesting their Life’s Purpose, somehow someone they love, or some circumstances prevent them from moving forward. And a lot of the times, it seems as if their family and/or friends have some other idea what this person should be doing with their lives.

In this article, I am not going to talk about having the courage to live your purpose as one would expect this article to be about.

Instead I am going to address real issues that people go through in order to manifest their purpose and what it means for them to be ‘approved’ by their family and friends.

So let us be realistic here, a lot of the times the radical changes that people have to make has something to do with money health or their income. And for most, it means reducing their income or have no income for the time being while they pursue their passion/interest/purpose.

This of course can be unsettling for one’s family if they do not see the purpose/passion supporting them financially.

What can a person do? I personally think a smooth transition is the way to go. It would be unwise to take a leap of faith without plan B to support his/her family financially. Some ways include reducing the hours in one’s full time job. Or taking on a part time job while they pursue their dreams.

Other issues that one might face in pursuing one’s purpose is that one’s family and friends just do not see them being able to do it.

Some of my clients have shared with me some of the reactions from their family and friends which include:

“Are you sure you are any good at this? You do not have a proven track record of this.”

“I don’t think you should do this. What will people say?”

“You really want your kids to think you are a bum without a proper job?”

“You are never really good with people, how can you do this?”

Yes it is easy for us to say, forget about what they say, go with what your heart says. I am sure many of you reading this, have used whatever courage you have to pursue your dreams despite the opposition. I for one, for done this many times in my own life.

But for many people out there, these are all too real for them. And the difficulties they have to overcome seem too daunting, and at times it seems better to give up then to pursue further.

Instead of us (those who have the courage to pursue our dreams) going into an attitude: “If you don’t have what it takes, then stay out of it.” I think we should rally support for those on the brink of change but need that extra support to encourage and inspire them to take that step forward. The last thing they need is for people who have been there done that to turn their backs against them.

Radical changes can be frightening for everyone, especially for one’s family and friends. They may disapprove of them but ultimately one’s God’s aligned passion will win. Sometimes people just need more support and love to make it happen.

If more people had the support they needed to pursue their dreams, the world definitely would be a better place.

© 2012, 2016 Shamala Tan