Our Emotional Attachment To Poverty

photo-1473193410341-9a0ef2464204Most of us are emotionally attached to poverty. Even when we have abundance coming into our lives, we FEEL poor. And I am not just talking about financial poverty.

Our emotional attachment to poverty can cost us a lot of money or opportunities to more love, healing, light, creativity.

Have you ever experienced so much emotional pain because you perceived that someone has hurt you that even when they are kind and nice to you, you just cannot receive their kindness? This is how we are with success, money and good opportunities, we just cannot see or receive them when we feel hurt.

In our quest for greater success or more abundance once we get ‘hurt’ we stop trying because we are afraid that the same thing may happen to us again, so we form an emotional attachment to lack. We feel as if the lack can make us safe, which of course is a total illusion!

As spiritual entrepreneurs it is so important to get this right. If we do not, not only will we not be of greater service, we cannot really call ourselves lightworkers if we retreat rather than move forward despite all the pain and hurt we have been through.

We know it takes courage to stand up for what we believe can help transform other people’s lives and ultimately change the world collectively. Standing up for our beliefs means using our gifts and talents in our service work. And to do it properly with the aim to succeed. But if we retreat in fear because our tiny minds and small hearts just cannot take the pain and are so afraid then we can no longer call ourselves lightworkers but painworkers.

Our emotional attachment to poverty makes us do things that are senseless even though the words from our mouths are sensible but our actions may say otherwise. I see this in my clients and students too, those who take action and learn to cut off their attachments to emotional, mental, spiritual or physical poverty get results. Those who talk more than they do, often don’t get results. They make empty promises to themselves which only strengthens their attachment to poverty! Sad but true.

The only way to get around this is to make a habit of cutting attachments to poverty. Whether it is emotional poverty, mental poverty, spiritual poverty or financial poverty. Once we get the hang of this new habit, we will leap frog no doubt about it.

The question is are you willing to let go of your attachments?

© 2011, 2016 Shamala Tan