Oh No, Not New Year’s Resolutions Again! (here’s a much easier way to do it)

ny resolutionSo why am I posting this article on the 2nd day of the new year? Because there are people who have not started writing their resolutions and I want them to know it is not too late, and there is an easier way! šŸ™‚

So are you one of those people (like almost the whole human population) who makes resolutions but do not fulfill them?

Let’s make things easier for ourselves in 2015. Here’s how:

We will only focus on one thing in one area (we can choose multiple areas but just one thing in one area)Ā that we want to change or improve or kick, whichever works for you.

1. Charity – So you have always said that you want to do more for charity. But time is an issue with you. So choose the easier way out by donating your cash. Today, choose one charity which you will donate to every month. Set up an auto payment so that you only need to do this just ONCE. Giving cash is better than not.

2. Bad Habits – Ok so you may have multiple bad habits and you haven’t kicked any of them yet. Choose the easiest one to kick. What is it? Comparing yourself with other people?Ā Interrupting people? Wearing those annoying false lashes? Choose it and stop it today.

3. Cultivate A Spiritual Practice – You have always wanted to start a spiritual practice, but you just do not have the time. Or nothing is pulling you to do it consistently. List down all the things you consider spiritual — is it praying? Meditating? Keeping a journal? Reading spiritual books? Chanting? From your list, choose the easiest one to do. And do it ONCE a day, for ONE minute, or ONE hour. Just do it at least once a day, so you could do it for ONE minute today, or ONE hour tomorrow. Keep it flexible. This way you are relaxed about it and chances are you will continue to do it everyday even if it is one minute a day. You would have 365 minutes in a year!

4. Eat More Healthily – What is it that you could eat more of that is healthy? Is it more spinach? More fruit? Choose it and make sure you eat that at least ONCE a day! Ā Likewise, what is it that you could eat less of? From your list of favourite junk food, what is it that you could do without for ONE week, Or ONE month, or ONE year? Choose it and kick it.

5. Be In Better Relationships – Whether it is a long term relationship, friendship, or business relationship, choose that ONE toxic relationship that has been damaging for you on the personal or business level. You do not have to announce to the whole world that you are kicking this person out of your life. All you need to do is to stop engaging. Whatever you do not give energy to will die. So let the relationship die. Ā If you have ONE on the personal relationship, and ONE on the business relationship end, then do yourself a favour and do it for both!

I hope this ONE idea will help you move more purposefully in your new year. May 2015Ā be fabulously beautiful for you!

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