Nobody Is Interested In Your Life’s Purpose Work

fgvxxvxmti8-andrew-neelMost people I know are seeking deeper meaning in life. They want to do something that gives them meaning and to be able to touch people’s lives, and they want to leave a legacy behind after they have passed on.

So they search high and low for that purpose.

Now they may eventually find it and feel so triumphant that indeed they have found their purpose. And they become so enthusiastic and they try to infect others with the same enthusiasm only to be rejected by others.

Some may tell them it is a silly idea. Others think it will not help them make a living. And yet others have a deep conviction that anything to do with living a purpose means living in poverty. They believe that one can never be abundant doing what one loves ~ the poor artist syndrome.

How many people you know have said these to you, just as you were feeling so excited about living your purpose?

You may have found that the people closest to you are the least supportive because they are experiencing a real fear that you will not succeed. And so instead of the need to worry for you, they first want to kill your enthusiasm and your idea. Mind you, they are not bad people. They are good people with good intentions gone wrong.

I was coaching a client yesterday and this was one of her concerns. And they are real concerns of course. I gave her some suggestions on what to do and what NOT to do which I would like to share with you as well.

Do not share your ideas or your purposeful work with people who are close to you especially those who have not found their own purpose yet. They are the most likely people to discourage due to their own fears.

Do not talk about your purposeful work with friends or colleague who would never dream of getting out of their comfort zone. Chances are they will be threatened by your courage.

If your purposeful work requires you to eventually quit your day job and to start your own business doing what you love, do not seek advice from people who have not done what you have done. They cannot assist you and will most likely lead you astray.
Seek out others who are successfully living their purpose. They will likely than not inspire you along your path as they are several steps ahead of you.

In the same token, do not seek out others who for some reason did not find happiness in living their purpose. In other words, their life’s purpose became a burden rather than joy for them. Avoid these people at all cost, but continue to love them from a distance!

Find a master mind group with like minded people who will support you. You will make new friends along the way and you will also let go of some old friends.
Read, learn or take a course on how to market your purposeful work in the new economy that relies on information and digital marketing.

These suggestions may help prepare you for your purposeful work but ultimately you must have the confidence to believe and manifest it despite the challenges and opposition you may face. For further assistance, drop me an email: and we can schedule a free 15 mins skype consultation.

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