Navigating In A World Of People And Their Baggage

It is without doubt that everyone goes with their baggage when they enter into relationships, business, friendships and so on. At times it may be frustrating, eye rolling, amusing and much more in our interaction with others. Of course, needless to say we have our own baggage to content with as well!

So how do we navigate in a world of people and their baggages and yet try to get things done and not allow others and their baggage to bulldoze us?

Of course, taking the Pill of Sanity Maintenance would help.

But the reality is, we have to live with this as part of our learning here on earth. I’ve had so many eye rolling encounters with people this week that it has left me almost speechless and I can only laugh to think that there are indeed these sort of baggage around.

Let me share a few tips on how I am maintaining my own sanity while encountering these amusing experiences…..

  • Ignore their actions and know that it is their limited world view that is causing them to behave this way. And especially if these are people you do not really know, interacting with them is not going to make any difference to their well being, but will only make you sink to their level.
  • Give simple answers if people are too lazy to exercise their intelligence.
  • Be un-rattled when people disrespect you and your work and/or cheapen the value of your work. It has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with their own poverty mindset.
  • Reminding yourself to use your energy for good and not waste it on people and situations that does not serve your higher purpose.
  • Imagine yourself on a hot air balloon rising above the situation and enjoying the view from up above.
  • Most of all, laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
  • Use this mantra: “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” ~ Unknown

Have a wonderful day navigating your way! 🙂

© 2011, 2016 Shamala Tan