Morning Pick Me Up For Adults & Children!

This is especially good for people wanting to cut down on coffee, because you know how bad coffee is for you…..

Below you will see an article I have extracted for your reading pleasure as to why coffee may be bad for you.

For now, let’s talk about a good substitute: you might want to consider this combo — I drink 60ml of Ningxia Red with 2-3 drops of Young Living Lemon essential oils, 2-3 drops of Yl Tangerine E-oils, 2-3 drops of YL Peppermint E-oils…it is super yummy. And really gets me going!

I also give my daughter 60ml of Ningxia Red every morning before going to school and this I believe has helped her to stay healthy in every way!

What Is Ningxia Red?

The legendary Ningxia (ning-sha) wolfberry is an honored Chinese national treasure. Its health benefits have been extolled for centuries. Ancient healers say it “replenishes the vital essence” and “fortifies the life force.” Modern science shows that Ningxia wolfberries exceed legend by supporting many biochemical processes in the body.

The NingXia RedTM Promise

NingXia RedTM combines the finest Ningxia wolfberries, proprietary “Nutrient-Guard” preparation, and other all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients to provide:

  • Dynamic energy and stamina without harmful stimulants (e.g., caffeine, green tea, etc.)
  • Key glyconutrients that fuel vital energy systems
  • Unique protein-polysaccharides that help sustain proper immune function
  • Highest levels of naturally occurring, age defying S-ORAC activity
  • Great taste with no sugary “junk-juices” (e.g., apple, white grape, pear, etc.)
  • Essential nutrients in NingXia RedTM also help support the following: Normal cardiovascular function, normal eye health, normal cell growth, and healthy liver function.

10 reasons why you might want to kick that coffee habit! (extracted from

1. Cardiovascular Problems – Yes caffeine does indeed increase heart rate, elevates blood pressure and can contribute to the development of heart disease.

2. Stress- Caffeine stimulates the flow of stress hormones, which can produce increased levels of anxiety, irritability, muscular tension and pain, indigestion, insomnia and decreased immunity.  Increased levels of stress can keep you from creating healthy reactions to normal daily stress.

3. Emotional Troubles – Anxiety and irritability are guaranteed mood disturbances associated with caffeine consumption, but equally important are depression and attention disorders.

4. Blood Sugar Swings – Diabetics and hypoglycemics should avoid caffeine. Caffeine stimulates a temporary rush in blood sugar followed by an overproduction of insulin, which causes a blood sugar crash within hours. This roller coaster causes weight gain since insulin’s message to the body is to store excess sugar as fat.

5. Gastrointestinal Problems- Many people experience a burning sensation in their stomach after drinking coffee because coffee increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which leads to an increased risk for ulcers. Coffee, including decaf, reduces pressure on the valve between the esophagus and the stomach so that the highly acidic contents of the stomach pass up to the esophagus, which can lead to heartburn and gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

6. Nutritional Deficiencies – Caffeine inhibits the absorption of some nutrients and causes the urinary excretion of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and trace minerals. So you could be eating very healthy but then washing I down with a coffee only to be losing some of those nutrients from food.

7. Male Health Problems – Milton Krisiloff, MD, has found that in the majority of cases, men can significantly reduce their risk for urinary and prostate problems by making dietary changes, which include eliminating coffee and caffeine.

8. Female Health Problems – Fibrocystic breast disease, PMS, osteoporosis, infertility problems, miscarriage, low birth weight and menopausal problems such as hot flashes are all aggravated by caffeine consumption. Women on birth control pills are particularly at risk since they tend to have a decreased ability to detoxify caffeine.

9. Aging – Many people find that in their 40s, they can no longer tolerate the same level of caffeine consumption they could in their 20s and 30s. Production of DHEA, melatonin and other vital hormones decline with age, but caffeine speeds up that process. Caffeine dehydrates the body and contributes to aging of the skin and kidneys. It has been shown to inhibit DNA repair and slow the ability of the liver to detoxify foreign toxins.

10. Adrenal Exhaustion – Caffeine consumption can lead to eventual adrenal exhaustion, which can leave you vulnerable to a variety of health disorders related to inflammation and fatigue. This was enough to make me quit along with those female hormone health problems – no thank you!