Keep It Even, Even When It Is Hard

j4pae7e2_ws-jared-eronduAbout 1.5 years ago, every time I thought it was time to up the game in my work, I got set back three steps. It took a toll on me mentally, and it got me thinking maybe everything I was doing was just wrong. Despite these thoughts hanging over me like a dark cloud threatening to pour, I worked on maintaining where I was, even if I could not up my game.

Keep It Even

So my mantra became: keep it even, keep it even. I kept the baseline at an even keel. And it was hard work. There was hard work involved in maintaining the level, and I thought to myself, why couldn’t I up my game with the same amount of hard work? Shouldn’t it be that simple?

There are so many things beyond our control in life. And my main lessons during this period was learning to be patient and to meander around what I could do, and just let the rest go. The time would come for me to up my game, I kept telling myself.

Some Lessons In Life Are Not What We Think

In life there are just times when things just do not go the way we plan. And some times things fall apart. This is life. This is where the learning lies, and sometimes we do not see it because we think we are clear and sure.

I asked myself all sorts of questions: Am I not putting in enough effort? Am I getting my marketing wrong? What is wrong with my business plan?

The Pandora Box

Then one day, it hit me, I was asking myself the wrong questions.

I should be asking, why was I trying to up my game in the area of my business?

That question opened the pandora box for me.

I realised that all I should do was to work on maintaining my work, do my best, and focus on personal development that was unrelated to my work. I have always thought that since I love my work, my personal growth was so tied in to my work. But this time, it was time for me to step away from my work. To stop identifying myself with what I do, and to just focus on personal development.

It was liberating and it helped me to reach deeper aspects of myself, and have real quality time for personal growth, without an agenda that was tied to a career or business, without an agenda to prove anything. It was simply an authentic step towards personal growth, with just me in mind.

It was the best decision I have made, for myself. And ironically for my business as well as I transform in a way that was non-work related.

As a coach, sometimes it is challenging to leave the coach part of me out, I had to learn not to coach myself, and simply enjoy the learning at a pace that I enjoy so that I may savour every bit of what I was receiving.

Sometimes No Agenda Is A Good Agenda

Going through the process without an agenda was a good agenda for me. I focused a lot on dream work as I worked with Jungian Psychology and I spent a lot of time contemplating about life in general. It felt almost like a year long holiday.

The year brought with it many gifts including the gift of LIFE.

Life in a way I have not lived in for a while. To experience life with wonder, amazement, love and innocence, these I consider virtues which are challenging to maintain especially in a world filled with jaded opinions.

I wish you a amazing time in LIFE, you deserve it.

Peace & Love,