Just ONE MINUTE of your time….

May I ask you for just a minute of your time, right now? To just stay in a state of peace and tranquility just for one minute? Whether in prayer or in meditation, let us hold PEACE in our hearts for all…..

who may be suffering physically right now
who may be going through some form of emotional or mental abuse
who are homeless without warm clothes or food
who may be mentally living in another world
who may be feeling less than
who may be fighting their inner demons
who may be full of hatred
who may be lonely
who may not see the beauty of life
who may be caught up in consumerism that they forget the true meaning of this Christmas season
who may be too selfish to care for their family and friends
who may be hungry for all the wrong things
who may be inflicting suffering upon other living beings such as children or animals
who may be inflicting pain upon themselves…..
As you hold this state of PEACE in your heart, I wish you the best of the holiday season and a 2015 that will take you beyond what you think you are capable of so that you may fully exercise your right as a human being contributing to the care, love and transformation of all around you, your environment and for all living beings on the planet.