Is My Free Offer Of Skype Coaching Really FREE?

Dear friend,

Some of my friends asked me why am I giving people 15 mins of free skype coaching. They want to know what do I get out of it.

Well, my reason is very simple – time is the only thing I have, that once it is given away, I cannot get back. I can earn money. But I cannot earn my time back.

The reason why I am giving my time away is because I would like people to understand the value I am giving. I know a lot can be achieved in 15 mins if we use the time well. Here’s a feedback from someone who did the 15mins coaching with me:

“Yes, the free 15 minutes session with Shamala was very beneficial. Shamala was able to ask me direct questions that soon after, I had a clear understand(ing) of how to being productive and have clarity on solving one of my challenges. ~ Nick Catricala

You, my friend, will not earn the time back if you spend 15 mins with me as well. This is why there is value in time, how we spend our time, and why we do certain things, says a lot about where we are going in life. How are you using your time now? Is time just passing while you watch it? Or do you want to use your time to live a more purposeful life? Take some time (productive use!) to consider these questions and see how you can add
more value to your own life and to the lives of people you love and the world around you.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Much Love,
Shamala Tan
Chiropractor For The Soul

PS If you would like to take up the free offer for a 15mins intuitive coaching call, go to this link: