Introducing Strong Medicine: It’s Not For Everyone – for deep, deep practice

Dear Friend,

Our partners at iAwake have done it again! They have released a new track called Strong Medicine, and John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake, says he thinks it is one of the most powerful entrainment tracks he has ever used. As you might imagine, he has used a bunch!

Strong Medicine was created by Nadja Lind from Berlin, who is a brilliant electronic producer and long-time meditator. It is a very powerful meditational tool as well as a tool for renewing yourself when you are tired or exhausted.

Nadja uses sounds gathered in Berlin – from the Berlin Dome, which is the largest church in Berlin; and from the Nikolai Church, which is the oldest church in Berlin. Nadja used very powerful stereo microphones and mixed the sounds with all the rest of her entrainment magic. It is an amazing accomplishment. I know you’re going to love it.

So add this to your transformational entrainment library and use Strong Medicine in your practice—to wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up.

Check it out!