If You Are Looking For Security, Living A Purposeful Life Is Not For You

unnamedIf you are looking for security in life, then living a purposeful life will not give you that. Why?

Living a purposeful life means pursuing something that gives you true value within, and through that valuable asset it allows you to make a difference in the world.

This means making a difference in the lives of others, in the environment, in politics, in science, or in education and so on. And a lot of the times, it also means that you will be standing on shaky ground because you will be treading on unchartered territories.

When the ground feels shaky, there is no security. In fact, YOU ARE THE ONE who will chart the path to make it more secure and safe for others to walk on. The road less traveled is a scary road to take. But it is certainly the more fulfilling one.

Sometimes when people come to me asking for help in manifesting a more purposeful life, they are not willing to let go of the security of what they currently have. And I am not talking just about financial security. The security of friendship, the security of family, security of things, and so on can hold people back from living a more purposeful life.

There are people who say: I am not going to give up all these, I prefer to live the way I am now even though I know that there may be something better for me, knowing that my life can be more purposeful but I just cannot do it. I just can’t.

It takes a lot of courage to make changes in life. The bigger the change, the bigger the courage is needed. And when you allow the change to take place, it will unsettle you. Everything that you are familiar with that gives you a sense of security, you will quickly realise is false security anyway.

Ultimately, the only security you will know to be true and is ever constant is your inner self and your connection with God/Universe. This connection will deliver your true path and purposeful life to you.

Some of the challenges you may find on your way to your purposeful life will include:

  • your own fears
  • other people’s discouragement and negative comments/feedback
  • life in general…things will crop up to seemingly stop you.

But this is all about perspective. No one and nothing is trying to stop you. Really. All of these may make you feel insecure about the decisions you are making and have to make. But then if you take a good look at what your lack of purpose life has to offer to you, you will feel dissatisfied, unhappy, unfulfilled and perhaps for some of you a feeling of dread of, oh no another day of un-fulfilment?

So there is no doubt that seeking a purposeful life will not give you the security you think you like. But it is precisely in the letting go of the sense of false security that will give you greater fulfilment, joy and love in your life.

© Shamala Tan (first published in 2012)

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