How To Run A Wellness Business

Many people I meet often talk about running their own businesses. They dream of not having a boss, of having flexible hours, of doing what they love and being able to earn an unlimited amount of income. These dreams, however, are often not manifested, and they just simply remain as daydreams.

One of the reasons for this is because most people do not know that running one’s own business takes a lot of courage, stress, and leadership. And the path of a business owner is a spiritual learning path in itself.

When confronted by these challenges most people start to ask themselves if this is really what they want? And sadly for most, they turn back to their regular jobs because it feels more comfortable and safe.

As Dan Kennedy said it so well: “How you respond to pressure determines your success. High tolerance for stress and pain is a skill successful entrepreneurs are paid for”.

Wanting to attract more money in one’s business requires one to do things one would normally not do. During the process, it means feeling uncomfortable a lot of the times, but the rewards are phenomenal if one is able to stick to the process.

(All successful business owners say this, but why do many people not believe this? Simply because their fears are greater than their faith.)

So here are three major questions to ask yourself to see if you are really suitable for the game of running your own business.

1. WHAT IS MY BIGGEST REASON FOR WANTING TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR? Is this reason big enough to make me want to get out of bed every day to feel uncomfortable during the process? (But knowing that the rewards will be great in time to come)

2. DO I BELIEVE THAT MY SUCCESS DEPENDS A LOT ON WHAT I DO AND DO NOT DO? If so, am I playing a waiting game? How can I exercise my leadership skills to make things happen for myself and my business?

3. AM I WILLING TO GIVE UP THINKING LIKE AN EMPLOYEE AND START THINKING LIKE A BUSINESS OWNER? Being a business owner comes with responsibilities. But if I prefer not to take the responsibility and be the leader in my own life, will I be happy remaining as an employee?

These three questions are not easy questions to answer. But if you can get through them, it will make your journey as a business owner much more defined and focused, allowing you to achieve the success you deserve.

You will also have a clearer idea of why you do what you do.

Now before you think: Ok I am all set for success, I’m going to throw a spanner in the works — I will now share the kinds of issues you will face in running your own business, and these are really personal challenges:

  • your self-worth will be called into question
  • your fear of rejection in which you never knew you had will surface
  • your time management skills
  • your ability to discipline yourself and you will realise that being a business owner doesn’t mean being ill-disciplined with your time, resources and money

All of the above are really good challenges for self-growth and development if you embrace them well.

Remember this Law: “You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are”.

© 2012, 2017 Shamala Tan