How to free yourself from limiting thoughts and emotional blocks

Profound-Releasing-Slider2Introducing Profound Releasing by iAwake Technologies

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to be able to share with you the latest from iAwake Technologies: Profound Releasing – powerful heart-based meditations for releasing emotions and awakening to presence.

Created by hypnotherapist and solution-focused therapist Joseph Kao, Profound Releasing helps you free yourself from unhelpful thoughts and emotional blocks, using the power of the heart. Profound Releasing is a deeply transformative, guided meditation, encoded brainwave entrainment technology designed to help you experience:
●    Letting go of old, limiting emotional patterns
●    Developing more inner strength and groundedness
●    A deepening compassion for yourself and others
●    And a gradual awakening into pure awareness

Our friends at iAwake Technologies are offering up to 20% Off Discount when you purchase Profound Releasing during its introductory 7-day offer (September 17-24, 2015)

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