How To Cleanse And Heal Cuts/Wounds On Your Child?

One of the quickest and most effective way to clean and heal cuts or wounds on your child is to use Young Living’s Helichrysum. Just one drop and it does the trick — no need to clean the wound with water. 

The best thing is Helichrysum does not smart, and your child will not flinch when you drop it onto the wound. 

In the words of Frances Fuller: “*Helichrysum is one of the single oils in Aroma Life, and Helichrysum contains coumerins which can thin blood if it is needed. Unlike synthetic drugs, it does NOT thin normal blood – in fact, it works quite the opposite!  It is a powerful wound healer and tissue regenerator.  When we remember that essential oils work to bring the body to balance rather than to treat symptoms, we can better understand why an oil could work at “both ends of the spectrum”.  It actually is only working to bring about balance.”

I’ve watched the wound of my child heal before my eyes and I have also received wonderful testimonials from some of my clients with equally good results. One mother was so happy she told me she only used Helichrysum twice and the wound has healed! 

This is a must for every First Aid Kit in the home.

*these statements are only true for Young Living’s Helichrysum