First post!

20140219-094923.jpgNothing like a food post as first post on this blog!

I just like to share some of my favourite foods. What do I like? I love local fruit. One of the things I miss when I am away is local fruit such as rambutan, durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, and so on. When I say local, they may not necessarily be grown here in tiny singapore. Local = tropical. I love them!

Well this morning what I’m having is not too local fruit, well at least the melon isn’t local, but the papaya very much so. I love chopped up fruit and I would douse my fruit with Young Living’s lemon, lime and orange oils. These oils are soooo good and yes we can ingest them as Young Living only has therapeutic grade oils which serves as medicine for the body as well as top grade quality supplement.

Love them! What do you normally have for breakfast?

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