God’s Power Is In Our Brain

5iphuvpywsw-garrett-carroll(This article first appeared on my previous blog on 27 Nov 2010)

I am in awe of God’s power.

He created us with an innate ability to do wonderful things. But most of us do not realise this power we inherently have.

I came across this statement the other day, let me paraphrase:

Our brain and subconscious mind hold the power to create 10 million cells per second in our body! And that every second 10 million cells die but are replaced immediately.

I shared this with a group of people I gave a talk to yesterday. When they didn’t respond and looked jaded, I asked in amazement, why isn’t anyone impressed? To which they laughed 🙂

I think we have taken ourselves for granted. We have taken God’s power and our own power for granted. And this is why we don’t see it or know it, let alone use it.

Be the creator YOU are meant to be!

© Shamala Tan

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