Do You Use Spiritual Excuses For Not Doing What You Should?

rbbdzzbkrdy-nitish-meenaYou have probably heard enough or read enough books/articles that tell you that you need to get into action in order to get the results you want. But somehow you still revert to the old habit of waiting for things to happen.

Why do you think you do this? Very simple, your lower ego doesn’t want you to succeed or achieve anything. Because when you do achieve results, it means it is death for it. So it will do anything including manipulate your thinking to make you believe that it is ok to wait for things to happen to you, instead of you doing something to make things happen and truly work with God in a co-creative process.

The lower ego is doing it for its own survival. And if you are on the spiritual path, the lower ego will use every spiritual excuse in the book to stop you.

What are some of these spiritual excuses? Let me list them down together with the reality of what is really going on so you can use it as a checklist:

  • Spiritual Excuse: If it is meant to be, I shouldn’t have to try so hard. 

Reality: I really don’t want to do the work because I am lazy/scared/fearful and when I don’t get any results at least I have an excuse that it is not meant to be.

  • Spiritual Excuse: It is more spiritual to go with the flow then try to control everything. 

Reality: I don’t know how to do this, and I don’t have the knowledge or know how to work with structures and systems so it is better that I just go with anything that comes up so that I do not have to make a decision or take responsibility.

  • Spiritual Excuse: I have been praying and affirming for more abundance to come into my life and I am sure God will provide and there is no need for me to do anything about it. I just need to trust.

Reality: I don’t even know where I am in my abundance quotient and I want something different so that all my money problems will be solved. I don’t want to look at my financial situation because it is just too scary and I prefer to place the responsibility on God and if the money problem is not solved, I can say that God is trying to teach me a lesson that I should not be materialistic and greedy.

  • Spiritual Excuse: If I am in the right work, if this is truly my life’s purpose, God will send people to me. 

Reality: I really don’t know how to market my services or where to find the clients. I also think I am not good at sales and I feel embarrassed to sell my services. And most of all, I am afraid of being rejected and being judged.

Here are other interesting Spiritual Excuses that are quite common, not necessarily pertaining to getting things done:

  • Spiritual Excuse: I have to be here/go there/remain here as it is my karma so that other people’s energies can be cleared and I can help them clear their karma too.

Reality: I am a conceited ego maniac thinking the world revoles around me and I have an inflated sense of self worth with an inferiority complex who needs to come up with this glamour in order to feel good and secure about myself.

  • Spiritual Excuse: My spouse is not spiritual and does not understand my path. It is best I look for my twin flame/twin soul/soul mate so that I can be truly happy as my lessons with my spouse are over.

Reality: I really don’t want to deal with all my inadequacies I see reflected through my spouse. When things don’t work, I can just say it is because my spouse is not spiritual and so does not understand me. I prefer to live in an illusion that all my relationship issues will be solved once I find my twin flame/twin soul/twin mate. I do not realize that when my relationship with myself is not right, all relationships with others will not be right either.

  • Spiritual Excuse: It is not spiritual to charge money for my services. I serve because I love people unconditionally and I must share what I have.

Reality: I do not believe in the value I give to people through my service work and I do not want others to think I am greedy. When I give my services for free, at least I have an escape route when things don’t work out for them. And most of all, I feel important that people come to me for help even though most of the time I am working harder for them than they are for themselves. When my services are free they have nothing to lose and so they don’t have the motivation to help themselves. But I still feel good because I am actually paying them with my time to make me feel good about myself.

I hope this list is helpful to you to open your eyes to see how your lower ego has been playing you.

© Shamala Tan (first published in 2011)

  • angie

    I have been struggling with this exact sentiment so perfect that I came across this now. My normal m.o. is the opposite, which is to control everything and push for something even when it is not meant to be. My drive will conquer everything! (was my motto). Then I had a few reality checks and stepped back and tried to let what was meant to be come forward. Now I am still struggling with balance. Any other articles on this subject?

    • Hi Angie, I may have something on balance, but may not be on this site. let me have a look. Will post a link here once I have it 🙂