Do You Resist Getting Help Because You Want To Do It On Your Own? Or Is It Because You Do Not Really Want To Succeed?

I think one of the biggest downfalls many spiritual people have is thinking they can achieve results all by themselves. Spiritual people tend to resist the help that is available to help them to achieve success (or they become so needy they need to be helped all the time, but this is another topic for another day :)). I know all about the resistance because I used to be this way, not knowing that I was being spiritually arrogant!

I used to think why should I pay someone to help me when I could do it all by myself, I knew myself better. Then one day I heard on a free teleconference call by one of my mentors who said, “Will you climb Mt. Everest all by yourself? Or would you need a guide to show you the way?”

I thought about it and realized that of course, this makes so much sense! Of course, I needed a guide, how could I climb the mountain if I had never been there?

So ever since then I have been on several programs with various mentors learning the ropes and now I think: Gosh, why didn’t I join these programs much sooner. Because I am now enjoying all the benefits and abundance in my life which I would only have been able to achieve in another 10 years if I stubbornly refused help.

What was I really resisting?

I think I resisted it firstly because of the commitment I had to make. I thought, oh what if I paid so much money and then I didn’t do the work or what if the program didn’t work for me? I know this sounds really silly now. Because the answer was really simple. All I needed to do was to COMMIT TO DO THE WORK!

And I did.

I can’t tell you how much I have benefited from working with my mentors especially in the area of marketing and business.

Another reason I think I resisted getting help was because I thought that since I was a spiritual teacher, channel, and healer and I was doing God’s work, then God and my spirit guides would send people my way! I can’t believe I actually thought this way, what an airy-fairy way of thinking! The reality was that I could pray all I wanted but if I didn’t get into action and do what I needed to on the earthly plane then how on earth could I serve.

Another reason I resisted help was because deep down I didn’t think I deserve to succeed. I felt I just needed to be satisfied with what I had, and that it was not spiritual to want more. Then one day I realized that I was being completely selfish by not being more out there to serve others. This realization also changed the way I see my service work and the whole definition of success for me.

This may sound so cliche, but really ‘no man is an island“. No one can succeed in anything by themselves. Even the great Spiritual masters and Financial Gurus needed help. It really does take a village to groom a person for any kind of success.

© 2011, 2016 Shamala Tan