Caring For Mummy’s Well Being, Beauty & Sanity

As a mummy, you may find that by nature you are a giver. You give your body to your baby from the time of conception to breastfeeding, till your baby is grown up. And of course along the way while carrying your bump you also have other people such as your other children and husband pawing at you wanting your attention. So you never really have a chance to fully own your own body so much so that you want to scream at everyone to leave you alone.

So to prevent you from appearing like a crazy tired lady with unwashed hair and unwanted body fat in unflattering places, here are some things you can do to help yourself feel and look better as well as to feel normal again (the Young Living product recommendations here do not include the necessary nutritional care you need during and after pregnancy, please consult your physician for necessary advice.)

During Pregnancy:

  • Gentle Baby – great for stretch marks to be used during and after pregnancy. It helps with the elasticity of the skin, good for scars and it helps prevent wrinkles as well. It is also a wonderful blend for emotional support and well being. Helps with nervous system, it is relaxing and calming. (also very safe to use on babies). How to use: Undiluted in bath water, several drops on abdomen, ankles, neck, feet, inhale directly or diffuse. For babies, you may choose to dilute 50:50 with a carrier oil such as V6 and massage all over baby.
  • Lemon – a few drops in drinking water to refresh yourself
  • Grapefruit – in water or inhale as an uplifter of moods
  • Peppermint – as you may feel hot a lot of the times, peppermint is a great one to help you cool down either in water as a refreshing drink or apply on your neck area.
  • Joy and Rose – very good for emotional support if you feel particular down or moody

After Pregnancy:

  • Progessence Phyto Plus (P3) – After the birth of your baby your progesterone levels may start to dip, your skin may look less than clear and your hair starts to lose its shine and luster, P3 is your answer! It will help you to keep your progesterone level up which gives you better looking skin and more beautiful hair. And it also helps you to trim down, giving you the curves you need only in the right places
  • Gentle Baby, Lemon, Peppermint, Grapefuit, Joy, Rose – as suggested above
  • Frankincense – One to two drops to massage on your face to look younger and more radiant. This is effectively anti aging and rejuvenating
  • Wolfberry Eye Cream – to help you to combat the dark circles and eye bags due to lack of sleep
  • Lavender Mint Shampoo and Moisturizer – hair care and uplifter as it gives your hair a beautiful and luster feel and it smells so good too
  • Art Skin Care System – Use the entire range
  • Lady Sclareol – an excellent perfume with benefits! It is extremely good for the skin and it is calming and the documented benefits include aphrodisiac for women, menstrual cramps, hormonal balance, frigidity, infertility, libido enhancer for women, PMS, romantic intimacy, sexual intimacy, menopause, hysterectomy, impotence in women. This blend will keep you and your husband happy.
  • Abundance – Diffuse Abundance Blend can give you a feeling of sense of space especially when everyone is demanding your attention. Other oils which can give you a sense of space and oneness include Gathering, White Angelica, Harmony.

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