Besides Spiritual Reasons, Why Is It Important To Fulfil One’s Purpose?

Many people talk about the importance of fulfilling one’s life’s purpose from the spiritual slant. We all probably know the spiritual answer to why it is important to fulfil one’s purpose.

In this article, I like to keep the focus on the earthly aspects of why and how not fulfilling your life’s purpose can negatively affect you on the earthly level.

If you look around you, how many people do you know are actually happy doing what they do and finding a greater purpose in what they do beyond making ends meet?

Those who are fulfilling their purpose in a big way are no longer doing it for themselves, which means all the successes they have earned is not for buying another thing to make them happy. The money and success earned are spread around to support causes, charity organisations that are truly making positive changes in the world.

I personally also believe that how much money you make through your life changing business is an indication of how much positive impact you are making in the world. I often hear people say: “I am living my purpose even though I don’t make much money” REALLY? To me, it could only mean two things: you are not reaching out to enough people and this would mean you are not really living your purpose yet OR you have other means of income that is supporting you on the earthly level and taking care of your earthly responsibilities enabling you to commit yourself to fulfilling your purpose with no financial worries — these would be the Oprah Winfreys or Angelina Jolies of the world.

That being said, it does not mean that if you do not have a global reach in your business you are not fulfilling your purpose. I think it also has to do with the kind of services you are offering. But we should not use it as an excuse not to serve more and bigger. Too many people come up with excuses and reasons too quickly without giving their 100% best. I have heard excuses like, Oh as long as I have touched one life it has made all the difference for me. Do you truly believe that God/Universe put you on earth to touch ONLY one life? Come on, you know you are more magnificent and powerful than that!

When people don’t have a purpose as their compass they just drift and eventually self-destruct without any help whatsoever from anyone else. Though they will play the blame card. They blame the government, the economy, the boss, the spouse, the children, the lack of education, the lack of money, other people and situations.

Life is not meant to be difficult. Find your compass and allow that to guide you and everything in your earthly life will fit into the beautiful divine flow of meetings, connections, fulfilment, learning and growth. The world needs you to fulfil your purpose.

© 2012, 2017 Shamala Tan