Do you enjoy what you do?

Are you living your purposeful life?
If you are not, chances are you are often drained, feel as if you lacklustre and probably dread Mondays.
I know, I used to feel this way, many many years ago. I used to feel really drained on Sunday evenings, and hated the idea of having to do to work the next day and would try to think of some ways not to go — sounds very juvenile right? Yes, it was worse than going to school for me then!
But now, my life is completely different. I love my work and I really enjoy Mondays too. I work on an average of about 50 hours per week, sometimes about 60 hours, but I feel quite good about life because my work doesn’t drag me down. It uplifts me and gives me, even more, energy and also time to do other things I enjoy.
How does it give me more time you may ask? Well, I believe in working efficiently and because I love what I do, I don’t like wasting time. So even if one works 60 hours per week, that leaves one with about 108 hours per week to do everything else!
Many people I know, however, are not living their dream mission work. They work far lesser hours than I do, and they are constantly drained and they do not have the energy to do other things like spending more time with their family or their hobbies. They also often complain of not having enough time! 
If you are in the process of developing yourself towards your mission work, I say congratulations, hang in there, things will get better even if you will work longer hours.
If you are not sure if you are living your mission work, here’s something to help you with:
– If you are feeling drained and tired of working all the time, there’s a high chance you are not living your life’s mission
– If you do not feel motivated to improve on yourself but have big dreams about your work, then you are probably not using your full potential and there’s a high chance that there is a misalignment between you and your divine blueprint
– If you like the idea of a particular type of mission work but feel lost in it then you are probably not being true to yourself
– If you are paid well in your job, but lack passion for it and can’t wait to leave the workplace, then you are probably not living your mission work.
Ultimately, everyone on earth would like to find some real meaning in life. And fulfilling one’s life’s mission is one of the key ingredients in living a meaningful life. God bless you.
© 2014, 2017 Shamala Tan