Are You Infected With Negative Attitude?

negative attitudeAs a healer I often meet people who have been infected with all kinds of physical ailments, my role is to help them facilitate healing and they do what is recommended for them, such as change in lifestyle or consuming alternative therapies and so on. For the most part, people have a willingness to heal.

However there is also a proportion of people who have a hard time and are often challenged health wise and find it so difficult to heal. They have more than just physical ailments, they have also been infected with a bad attitude.

These are the people who are always complaining, and they often feel victimized by other people, they feel victimized by systems or even their own healing protocol. Complaining that there is so much they have to do, that there must be a better way, that they are not willing to change anything about their lifestyles and so on.

Do you see what I see here? Obviously it is their own attitude that is causing them not to heal!

I have a tendency to ignore complaints and just answer questions they might have. Because giving energy to their negative attitude, only gives them more opportunity to get into that mode. And I do not want to have a part to play in that.

Interestingly, it is much easier to heal a bad physical ailment than a negative attitude. 

What can you do if you are infected with a negative attitude?

  • Stop letting loose into negative verbal diarrhea immediately (this takes discipline and may be hard for beginners, someone has to point it out to you that this is what you are doing, so you may need to appoint someone to help you)
  • Learn to see the bigger picture of things, rather than seeing that other people, systems, circumstances are victimizing you
  • Stop putting yourself in a position of being less, having less, feeling less by comparing yourself with others. You have no way of knowing what others are experiencing. Just because they do not share does not mean they are in a better position than you
  • Learn to deal with your lot. I know this sounds harsh. But everyone has their challenges, some people may be experiencing emotional pain, some mental pain, some physical pain. So in other words, no one has it perfect. So deal with what you have and you will be in a much more empowering situation.
  • Stop giving excuses. You can’t have something if you are not willing to change anything to get it. As Albert Einstein said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Those of you who have an attitude problem and need healing and decide to come to me, know that I will either ignore your complaints or throw these five points at you.

So there, I’ve said it!

The rest of us, who knows what needs to be done, be assured, my quality of care for you will be given to you with the utmost respect, compassion and love because I know it is not easy and you are really trying.

Loving vibes to all of you…..

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