Are You An Asset Or A Liability?

Someone I know once said that some people are a ‘waste of space on this planet’. At first I was taken aback by his remark, but it got me thinking about why he said it and is it true that some people are indeed a waste of space?

I have come to a conclusion that indeed there are some people who have made themselves a liability to their family and friends, or maybe even society and the planet. But I would not go so far as to say that they are a waste of space.

So how then can we become an asset to this planet rather than a liability?

I do not think anyone would set themselves up to become a liability on purpose. Most of us are constantly trying our best. And at times, we do slacken and do not even want to try especially when we are emotionally off balance.

And other times we think we have done our best but it is really not in fact our best, but only a fraction of what we are capable of. For the most part, I think most people glean over their abilities, maybe because taking a good long look may mean having to do more work?

If we take the time and make the effort to really take a good look at our abilities, there is so much to explore and it will literally take us a life time and more to uncover the hidden goodies we have inside us.

I think if we do not use our fullest potential in life, the chances of becoming of liability is very real. Mind you, as I have said, we do not purposely plan to become a liability but it happens.

It takes a lot of effort to be an asset.

In a recent interview I did (by my fellow colleagues and co-authors of Pebbles In The Pond) with a program called From Tears To Triumph which is launching in Jan 2013, I shared about what it takes on a personal level to be a catalyst or transformational coach/teacher for others.

These challenges on the personal level can take a toll on a person’s sense of direction and purpose. But even the best of us, must continue to grow and learn, and be a change maker and through the personal challenges become stronger and eventually become the asset that the world needs.

To make a choice between being an asset or liability is obvious. Nobody wants to be known as a liability. But one must be aware of how easy it is to slip into a liability mode. Making a conscious effort to be an asset in the world certainly requires courage, even if the people around you whom you love may not see the big picture as yet, you must stay on course until you reach your goal.

No one ever said it was easy but we have seen again and again that it can be done by the finest examples our planet has ever produced. So count your blessings and leave a legacy of transformation towards a better world.

Make the space that you are standing on this planet truly count.

© Shamala Tan (first published 2012)